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Seaside wedding

What a busy night we had at the Henley Beach Sailing Club. We catered for a wedding reception party with our hot and irresistibly good finger foods! The finger foods we served included: 

-Yakitori Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

- Vegetable tartlets

- Sweet Potato Fritters

- Fired Chicken and Tofu Baos

- Vegan and Pork Dumplings

- Cassava Crackers

- Chicken Meat Balls

- Honey Soy Chicken Bites

- Pank Crumbed Potato Wedges

We made sure there was plenty of Vegan and Gluten Free options as well! The wedding guests were dancing to the lively music in the colourful atmosphere of the lights, while enjoying our asian fusion delights. Overall, it was a succesful night and we hope the bride and groom had a memorable experience #wedding #adelaidecatering #fingerfood